Friday, March 21, 2014

Unchartered Territory

Through the process of life we seem to be always striving to come to a place of familiarity.Simultaneously we strive to come to a place we have never known.

After the pain and tears we still strive for unchartered territory.

This is a virgin place that has not been defiled by rules, laws or religiosity.

That place we feel that all our problems will be solved and all our questions will be answered.

A place of discovery that we think we have never known.

Unmarked places within our world.....which is within.....that have not been revealed or marked.
A place where you gain knowledge and insight of your divinity.

The tears of our soul cry out for AM I waiting for my voice to be heard.

My soul cries out waiting to be discovered.

We all fight to finish our course which we agreed to before the foundation of time.
These light afflictions we endure are temporal.

Can't You Hear My Soul Cry?


We find our answers in unexpected places.

This is an excerpt of what my daughter Latoya of wrote while going through a seemingly difficult time in her life. It not only answered some questions for her but for me as well.

Take a listen.

              The Art of Experience

We have to make every situations outcome a positive experience......a beam for positive change.
We have free will and God grants us that option but, I'm talking about when you are striving to get to a place and things happen out of the blue.

These experiences happen to push us to a place.

What you may think is a setback is actually bringing you to exactly where you need to be.....Divine Destiny

Declare this with me

This day forward I will let God be God in my life
I will seek my God presence within because I AM a God being
I AM powerful
I can make heaven here on earth taking every experience as positive and seeing I have purpose
I have destiny bigger than my wildest dreams

Declare this and know that we never know what life has in store for us but, we have to tap into that place within and follow our higher guidance. Lose you and gain spirit, knowledge and wisdom. 

Listen more and talk less.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don't Fight The Process

Monday, June 17, 2013

Consistent Faith Brings Consistent Results

I've been trying to focus on staying consistent with the goals that I have set for myself.

During this process I found out you have to work at having faith consistently.
Not believing in someone or something else but, simply believing in yourself.

Have you ever said you were going to start something only to start but never really complete the task?

     Well, I have many times. I have prayed for ideas in the course of my creative work only to receive
      a answer and not stay consistent with the work that must be done to achieve the goal.

Within the course of me striving to be consistent I have learned the importance of balance. I don't mean just balancing my daily affairs but, finding balance from is the real challenge.

How Do You Really Do That?

One of the ways I have found and I am yet practicing is to........

Be Still

To still myself from within by not responding to everything and everybody around me. I was easily distracted by the external. It gave me a sense of control. Be still and allow tomorrow to take care of it self.

Find Time For Me

Find time to just meditate and think about the things that are really important. Pour back into myself. Refill my cup.

Believe In Myself

To reassure myself that I can achieve whatever I truly put my heart into.

Sometimes these things can be some of the hardest things to do but, I have found out if you just start your day in a positive mindset and just start the task you will be much closer to the completion.

Whatever you seek, you will find.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Don't Miss The Door!

Be Free

Sometimes it is easier to be held captive by a situation or person than to choose to be free.

Freedom brings sacrifice. You have to surrender certain ideas for a higher purpose or a higher truth. Allow yourself the freedom to choose.

In my meditation time, the spirit gave me just two words for one of my spiritual daughters....
"Be Free".

I immediately texted it to her, as I normally do most times the spirit gives me words.

I was expecting a response, even if it were a simple thank you.

Her response, was "wow what a word, love you and maybe we can talk tomorrow". I very seldom know any more than what the spirit says, so I anticipated talking to her to see what was happening in her life.

She did call me a couple of days later. Her conversation was..... at the time of my text she was preaching at a family members church a sort of outreach which dealt with people who were dealing with drugs, homelessness or whatever.

Her concern was, she did not want to preach over their heads and she wanted to leave them with something that would be life changing for them. Her question to me was...why do people hear but seemingly as though they do not hear and ultimately do not apply what they hear to their life, so there is no change.

 They go right back to what their fighting against.

My response to her may seem like they don't hear but, I feel they do. Of course we would like to see instant change, but that does not always happen. One man plant, one man water but, it is God that gives the increase.

So, with that being said, the conversation continued to what was really on her mind. She stated well, maybe I should get a little space and teach what God has on my heart. I what is in your heart to do right now.

Her concern was she did not know if her husband would be in agreement because the church they were attending had been such a help and blessing to him spiritually she didn't know if he would agree with her decision to put her focus on this new venture. He had told her you have left this same ministry before and had to return.

Walk In The Now

  • Walk in what God is telling you to do right now.
  •  Pray and ask God for direction.

 If we walk in oneness with the spirit, the spirit will lead and guide us into all truth and everything and everyone will sense the shifting.

Walk In Truth

We must always strive to walk in truth. Your truth today, may not be your truth for tomorrow. Once a change has occurred we think it is all truth, but is  not.

There are different levels of truth that unfold within our spirit daily. Truth cannot be defined from one individual to the next.  Truth has come to make us free.

Don't Miss The Door

Doors of opportunity open for us periodically.... we cannot miss the opportunity.
How many doors of opportunity have we miss because we were being held captive because of a person's opinion or a situation?

Everything is favorable for you to receive what is available for you now!

I say, if you don't try something, won't be nothing.

Whatever your spirit is saying for you to say or do now....get going!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Building A Strong Relationship It's not has hard as you think

Building a strong relationship seemed to me to be one of the most difficult things I would do in my life time, but I found out it is not as hard as I thought.

I do realize some relationships are not meant to be life long relationships. But, how do we know the difference?

The obvious answer is if the relationship is not bringing about positivity then you can guess you need to question the union.

One of the relationships that is of most importance to me and has had a life long gifting in my life is the relationship with me and my mom.

The Importance of a Mothers Love

I grew up in a close household of four siblings and myself with rules that had to be followed, but love was always expressed and felt.

Throughout the earlier part of my life I never gave much thought about my mother and our relationship. As I got older I began to realize the importance of a mother's love.

I began to really see my mother's strength and courage after the passing of my father of lou gehrig's disease.

Even through her grieving process she has been that inspiration and strong tower that has helped my siblings and myself stay focused and strong.

I have witnessed how she has practiced with diligence to treat all of her children equally with words of wisdom and support.

The undying love she has expressed to me personally has helped me in supporting my two daughters with the same tenacity and love.

Points to Remember

So, I celebrate my mom today as you should also celebrate yours. Whether she is still with you in the flesh or not. Remembering all the things she has taught you in her everyday expression in your life.

Here are some points to remember when building any relationship.

  • Don't live in the past
  • A strong relationship does not mean you always get your way
  • Be willing to Begin again

Mothers are truly one of the corner stones of the building blocks of our souls.

Your bond just maybe stronger than you think.