Sunday, January 4, 2015

What You Should Do Different This Year...and every year

As we move into this new place in time I would like to remind ourselves no matter how it may appear.......we are yet constantly moving.

Through every experience whether it be perceived negative or positive.....we are yet moving forward.

There is only progression......there is no regression.

We are living energy that vibrates in time and space. Nothing is allowed to stand still....all creation vibrates. Nothing ever dies.

As we look back upon this past year and our life experiences, let's not look upon them as neither positive or negative. But, simply as another gateway that we have passed through to reach that divine place that is inherently ours.

That place of remembrance of the god and co-creator that I AM.

In reality there is no positive or negative only truths that we must experience and remember.

Let's strip away from the conditioned mind and allow our divine mind to manifest itself.

Society has subtlely conditioned us to think a certain way the beginning of every year (lose weight, get out of debt, start a new career) the list goes on. While at the same time society tells us how to get into those very states the rest of the year. It's all an allusion....materialism.....material gain.

Awaken my beloved and raise your vibration and resurrect out of the dream state society desires for us to remain in.


This year and every year strive to be that Divine Self that you are.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Transform Your Life....Create Your Future

Going through change is not always a easy task.

I feel that I am in a season of change not only for myself but, I feel this is the season for change for a lot of people to transform our lives and create our future.

My daughter Nina, wrote a face book post recently about her transformation process she is experiencing.....she called it "Enough is Enough". I began to think about while reading this post when do we reach that state when we really feel....enough is enough. How many times have you and I said THAT...ok. But, somehow we continue on with what we don't want to do or happen in our lives.

But, then I think I have had times in my life when I truly said enough is enough and meant every word and I ended THAT! But, there are remaining those times when seeming as though I continue on with those things that really need to be ended. And then I think, maybe they need to be ended in me first...... what do you think?

Courage to be the Change
Maybe the perception of what I am experiencing need to change.  Ok, then my next question is how do we do that?

Within Nina's post she stated we chose this path before the foundation of the world to experience this hu-man experience and to experience good and evil that lurks not outside of ourselves but within ourselves. That statement has power within itself to free you if we allow it.

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is to allow transformation to occur within ourselves an ultimately our life.

We have this set way we think our life should be going and in this perception we close doors to new experiences that may lead us to what we ultimately want in our lives.


How do I stay true to allowing myself to venture out of the norm. Who said what is the normal way or the right way to do something. We all have our own set way of believing and doing. But, to truly be not conformed you must not be afraid to venture out of your set world.

You will experience adversity which includes people opinions. But be not conformed but be transformed.

That sometimes takes courage.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Unchartered Territory

Through the process of life we seem to be always striving to come to a place of familiarity.Simultaneously we strive to come to a place we have never known.

After the pain and tears we still strive for unchartered territory.

This is a virgin place that has not been defiled by rules, laws or religiosity.

That place we feel that all our problems will be solved and all our questions will be answered.

A place of discovery that we think we have never known.

Unmarked places within our world.....which is within.....that have not been revealed or marked.
A place where you gain knowledge and insight of your divinity.

The tears of our soul cry out for AM I waiting for my voice to be heard.

My soul cries out waiting to be discovered.

We all fight to finish our course which we agreed to before the foundation of time.
These light afflictions we endure are temporal.

Can't You Hear My Soul Cry?


We find our answers in unexpected places.

This is an excerpt of what my daughter Latoya of wrote while going through a seemingly difficult time in her life. It not only answered some questions for her but for me as well.

Take a listen.

              The Art of Experience

We have to make every situations outcome a positive experience......a beam for positive change.
We have free will and God grants us that option but, I'm talking about when you are striving to get to a place and things happen out of the blue.

These experiences happen to push us to a place.

What you may think is a setback is actually bringing you to exactly where you need to be.....Divine Destiny

Declare this with me

This day forward I will let God be God in my life
I will seek my God presence within because I AM a God being
I AM powerful
I can make heaven here on earth taking every experience as positive and seeing I have purpose
I have destiny bigger than my wildest dreams

Declare this and know that we never know what life has in store for us but, we have to tap into that place within and follow our higher guidance. Lose you and gain spirit, knowledge and wisdom. 

Listen more and talk less.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Consistent Faith Brings Consistent Results

I've been trying to focus on staying consistent with the goals that I have set for myself.

During this process I found out you have to work at having faith consistently.
Not believing in someone or something else but, simply believing in yourself.

Have you ever said you were going to start something only to start but never really complete the task?

     Well, I have many times. I have prayed for ideas in the course of my creative work only to receive
      a answer and not stay consistent with the work that must be done to achieve the goal.

Within the course of me striving to be consistent I have learned the importance of balance. I don't mean just balancing my daily affairs but, finding balance from is the real challenge.

How Do You Really Do That?

One of the ways I have found and I am yet practicing is to........

Be Still

To still myself from within by not responding to everything and everybody around me. I was easily distracted by the external. It gave me a sense of control. Be still and allow tomorrow to take care of it self.

Find Time For Me

Find time to just meditate and think about the things that are really important. Pour back into myself. Refill my cup.

Believe In Myself

To reassure myself that I can achieve whatever I truly put my heart into.

Sometimes these things can be some of the hardest things to do but, I have found out if you just start your day in a positive mindset and just start the task you will be much closer to the completion.

Whatever you seek, you will find.